Safety Engineer in Braşov


The main purpose of the EHS safety engineer is to ensure that all rules regarding fire prevention and extinguishing and occupational safety are respected within the company. The EHS safety engineer is also responsible with the elaboration of specific fire prevention and extinguishing/health & safety documentation.

Main attributions and responsibilities of the job:

  • Is responsible with organizing the fire prevention and extinguishing / emergency situations activities corroborated with occupational safety.
  • Draws up the documentation for emergency situations within the unit and shares the necessary information, so that all procedures and specific prevention measures for emergency situations are known and applied.
  • Verifies the way prevention and protection measures for fire prevention & extinguishing and occupational safety are mastered and applied.
  • Elaborates specific Health & Safety/ Fire prevention and extinguishing documentation, prevention and protection measures (procedures, instructions/trainings, records), procedures regarding employee’s obligations and responsibilities in the fire protection and emergency situations (fire, earthquake, explosion, chemical event, others) and occupational safety work processes.
  • Elaborates procedures regarding the training of the employees, fire prevention and extinguishing activities and the structure of a safe work environment.
  • Elaborates training topics according to the applicable legislation.
  • Organizes and coordinates the fire prevention and extinguishing voluntary service and the activities in case of emergency situations at the workplace.
  • Keeps records of fire prevention and extinguishing activities according to the applicable requirements.
  • Ensures that the measures corresponding to the fire prevention and extinguishing/ health & safety specific legislation are observed and applied properly.
  • Monitors the fire prevention and extinguishing / occupational safety activities.
  • Provides specialized technical assistance in the field of fire prevention and extinguishing / health & safety.
  • Informs the employer of their findings and makes improvement proposals for the fire prevention and extinguishing / health & safety non-conformities found.
  • Develops fire prevention rules and measures for using, handling, transporting and storaging hazardous substances.
  • Ensures the conclusion of specific fire prevention and extinguishing / health & safety conventions including the responsibilities of service providers and beneficiaries, on the line of fire prevention in case of temporary transfer of the right of using real estates/ buildings, rented buildings as tenant or, as the case may be, owner.
  • Is permanently responsible for supporting/applying the ISO 45001-2018 standard.
  • Elaborates the analysis and coverage plan of the fire risks of the economic unit in the part that belongs to the employer, and is responsible for the organizing, monitoring and observance of the prevention measures for emergency situations.
  • Elaborates the objective file ( registered headquarters and other work points) according to the no. 5 annex to the regulation of planning, organizing, preparing and developing the emergency situation and fire prevention activities, approved by the order of Administration and Internal Minister no. 1474/2006, published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 885 from the 31st of October 2006. A copy of the objective file is sent to the county’s Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.
  • Prepares the annual evaluation report analyzing the defense level and response capacity in case of emergency situations.
  • Prepares the trimestrial report note on fire prevention and extinguishing.
  • Requests and obtains fire prevention and extinguishing certifications, conformity certificates for specific technical equipment – fire detection, signages, fire defense and protection equipment.
  • Keeps up-to-date records of the first aid equipment for emergency situations.
  • Keeps up-to-date records of the fire detection/signaling/extinguishing installations and the necessary documents with the due date of conformities. Keeps copies with the certificates of the companies that perform/design/mount/maintain/repair/verify the conformity of these equipments.
  • Archives and keeps records of documentation for the fire work permits.
  • Elaborates, keeps records and archives the list of collaborator economic operators/institutions, specifying their field of activity and the number and term of validity of the contracts.
  • Elaborates the protection plan for fire prevention and extinguishing.
  • Elaborates and distributes the evacuation plan on all work areas.
  • Organizes practical simulation exercises for emergencies and keeps track of them.
  • Keeps up-to-date records of dangerous substances, their classification according to the law and notifies the state institutions.
  • Keeps up-to-date records of the fire prevention and protection systems and elaborates verification programs, ensures the good functioning of the specific fire prevention and extinguishing equipment:
  • Maintenance and inspection, according to the recommendations given by the manufacturer or the supplier, for installations and systems that may generate fire or explosion and for the equipment used in case of fire which must be used and verified according to the legislation in force.
  • Fire protection and prevention systems and their periodic verification reports accompanied by the necessary/ appropriate conformity certifications, emergency situations ( gas and smoke detectors/sensors, STS paint lines, other prevention and protection systems)
  • Alarm and protection systems.
  • Other fire prevention and extinguishing specific equipment and systems.
  • Keeps track of periodic reports that follow their own preventive controls
  • Elaborates measures and actions as a result of their findings in the field.
  • Is responsible with fulfilling the measures ordered on this occasion.
  • Keeps track of the reports following the controls performed by the competent state authority.
  • Elaborates/implements programs/measures/actions as a result of their findings in the field.
  • Is responsible with verifying that the measures ordered on this occasion are fulfilled.
  • Elaborates programs/plans/measures including actions resulting resulting from their own periodical reports for compliance to the regulations in the field.
  • Elaborates programs/plans/measures including actions/results following the reports of the controls performed by competent state authority for the compliance to the regulations in the field.
  • Elaborates and delivers the specific normative and internal documentation necessary for the fire prevention and extinguishing and occupational safety activities.
  • Collaborates and is responsible for organizing the activity, verifies and ensures the observance of the legislation, normative documents, rules and the implementation of the fire prevention and protection measures according to the specific legislation.
  • Collaborates, keeps records and organizes the prevention and protection and occupational safety activities according to the field’s specific legislation.
  • Keeps in touch with the authorized personnel responsible with the supervision and technical verification of the installations and manages the good development of the activities according to Law no. 64/2008, regarding the safe operation of pressure installations, lifting installations and fuel consuming appliances, corroborated with applicable technical prescriptions.
  • Prepares and manages the necessary files/documentation and performs the necessary steps for fire safety scenario, obtaining specific fire prevention and extinguishing permits and authorizations, agreements for fire prevention and extinguishing and emergency situations.
  • Plans and performs internal technical inspections in all work points while informing the general director or his legal representative regarding their findings and suggests legislative measures for the non-conformities found.
  • (1) Performs specific internal audits (health&safety/fire prevention and extinguishing informative file) according to the questionnaire of health&safety/fire prevention and extinguishing requirements and indicators established as the case may be (2) Delivers the results of gthe periodic audits to the analysis group led by the hierarchical bosses of the jobs. (3) Analyzes, together with the analysis group, the non-conformities found and the remediation plan. (4) Verifies the way the decisions and results of the analysis group are made.
  • Ensures that all the legislative procedures and the established health&safety/fire prevention and extinguishing rules are observed and applied within the unit.
  • Manages data, information and records in the field of health&safety/fire prevention and extinguishing activities.
  • Plans, elaborates and delivers the reports in the field of activity containing the results obtained and the measures for eliminating the non-conformities found.
  • Verifies the way legislative proposals/solutions/improvements for the non-conformities are accomplished.
  • Is responsible with the intermediation with the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations for Brasov County.
  • Elaborates the procedures regarding the personnel training.
  • Archives and keeps records of the data on the staff within the private service for emergency situations according to the performance criteria.
  • Keeps records of the intervention reports of the private service for emergency situations.

  • EHS technical specialist course
  • Labour inspector course
  • Patience while working with people
  • Very good knowledge of the fire prevention and extinguishing and occupational safety legislation
  • Work responsibility;
  • English advance
  • WE HAVE:

  • A dynamic global reach with diverse operations around the world that that will stretch your abilities, provide plentiful career opportunities, and allow you to make an impact every dayWe are a $2.2 billion, high-performance electrical company with a dedicated team of 9,400 people and trusted brands such as CADDY, ERICO, HOFFMAN, RAYCHEM, SCHROFF and TRACER. Known for innovation, quality and reliability, our products connect and protect, consistently delivering value to industrial, commercial, residential, energy and infrastructure customers.
  • Commitment to strengthen communities where our employees live and workWe encourage and support the philanthropic activities of our employees worldwideThrough our nVent in Action matching program, we provide funds to nonprofit and educational organizations where our employees volunteer or donate money
  • Core values that shape our culture and drive us to deliver the best for our employees and our customers. We’re known for being:Innovative & adaptableDedicated to absolute integrityFocused on the customer firstRespectful and team orientedOptimistic and energizingAccountable for performance
  • Benefits to support the lives of our employees
  • Meal vouchers, free transport
  • Work schedule
  • 8:10 AM – 4:50 PM, from Monday to Friday
  • Depending on the needs, they might work in shifts:

  • 6:30 AM – 2:40 PM 1st shift, from Monday to Friday
  • 14:40 PM– 10:50 PM – 2nd shift, from Monday to Friday
  • Observation:

    By its nature, the job description is limited. Aspects that are not directly quantifiable, such as the employee’s involvement in the company’s objectives and their work responsibility are self-evident. Both the employer and the employee understand that good working relationships are based on cooperation and understanding between team members and every effort is made to ensure the best working conditions.


    At nVent, we connect and protect our customers with inventive electrical solutions. People are our most valuable asset. Inclusion and diversity means that we celebrate and encourage each other’s authenticity because we understand that uniqueness sparks growth.

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